Send an email to to test whether you have full DANE SMIMEA support.

If your mail client is capable of retrieving SMIMEA records from the DNS, it should be able to obtain the S/MIME certificate for which it should then use to encrypt the outgoing email.

If you have an SMIMEA record published in the DNS for your email address, we should be able to retrieve your S/MIME certificate, and the response you receive from will be encrypted. Otherwise, if there are any issues, we'll let you know.

Use the form below to generate an SMIMEA record. Enter your email address and paste your base-64 S/MIME certificate (i.e. PEM) into the form to create the DNS record, or omit the certificate to have the Great DANE Connector generate a self-signed certificate for you.

To automate this process, use the Great DANE Connector.

Use the form below to search for SMIMEA records in the DNS using the Great DANE Engine.